Thursday, January 2, 2014

'Tis the Season...weeks 3 and 4

As usual...I am trying to play a bit of catch up. Ugh...what is it lately...I just can't seem to keep up. 
Sounds like a resolution for the new year...ha!!!

Back to business...last time I gave an update on Elf's activity in our house and the fun holiday festivities we were partaking in. So here is the update...and all of the holiday fun.

First up...recap of Elf.

Days 14, 15, and 16...Elf decided to take a ride in the train...which Landry was a bit upset about because "he was going to play with that train"...the train he hasn't touched in at least 6 months. Apparently Elf really liked the train because he stayed there for 2 days. :) After all of the excitement in the train, he decided to take it easy and just hang out on the shelf.

Days 17 and 18...keeping us on track at our organization center in the kitchen...and then keeping an eye on the hallway from his perch in the topiary.

Days 19 and 20...he took things to new heights. What better place to watch then from the motion detector for the alarm...and of course the clock?

Days 21 and 22...he was hidden pretty well in the top of the poinsettia and loved just hanging out in the wreath.

Days 23 and 24...checking out Landry's adorable plate and finally, in Landry's own words, "just chillin' " on the fireplace mantle.

We also made the annual trip to go see Santa. This year Landry was SOOOOOO excited to go. He kept telling us that Santa was such a nice guy, he was going to talk to him, sit with him, and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. Before we went...he made his list...

When we got to Pamela's studio...Landry's nerves kicked in. :) He wasn't so sure about the whole Santa thing. Santa was taking a break at the moment but when he walked out, the look on Landry's face was priceless. It was one of awe and terror at the same time. Poor guy was actually shaking. As you can see...he eventually warmed up to him!

Landry also had a party at preschool. It was right in the middle of the day so I wasn't able to make it...but luckily...Landry has an awesome daddy who was able to go and get some pictures of the fun!

The kiddos wore their jammies and decorated an ice cream cones with frosting and candy.

Daddy and Landry attempting to take a selfie...Daddy needs some more practice. :)

Showing off his work...right before he ate it. :)

Our friends, Frank and Sheri, hosted their annual Christmas party...and it isn't a party without Santa!

So...I have to say right now...I did not do a good job of getting a ton of pictures this year. Oh well...I'll try better next time. :)

Christmas Eve we went to Chad's aunt and uncle's house for a fun night of appetizers, desserts, family, and so much more. When we got home Landry was ready to go to bed so that Santa could come.

He told us that we needed to leave carrots for Santa's reindeer. Not sure where he heard this from...thankfully we had some carrots...otherwise the reindeer may have had to make do with salad mix. :)

Sure enough...Santa came and delivered goodies for our sweet Landry!

Christmas morning Landry woke up, ran to the tree, to see if Santa had brought him a microphone. He was a bit disappointed that he didn't bring a microphone...but he did bring the robot dog that Landry had talked non-stop a big white the one that is in Mommy's classroom. :)

As always, we headed over to my mom and dad's house for Christmas lunch and more gifts!

 Landry tested out his new scooter...whoosh!

And those are all of the pictures I got. Not a single family shot...ugh...oh well!
Right after Christmas I got a horrible cold that literally had me out of commission for 2-3 days...YUCK!

Here are my two favorite gifts from the season...both made by Landry.
Here are his footprints, turned into reindeer...from our amazing daycare provider, Tammy!

And the perfect ornament that he made at preschool.

Thankfully I was feeling better by New Year's Eve...ready to ring in the new year with this guy...

Jeff and Deborah hosted it this year and it was wonderful!
Sheri and I with our champagne ready for the clock to strike midnight. You can barely see it but Deborah put numbers on everyone's flute...counting down to the new year...too cute!

After we welcomed was time to hit up the PHOTO BOOTH!!!
I am such a sucker for a good photo booth...
and Deborah and her sister did an awesome job with setting the scene and making the cutest props.

Here are the Nettos...

Chad and me...

 Matt and Jamie...

The host and hostess...Jeff and Deborah...

All the girls with Dave...

Davis and Michael...

Deborah, Sheri, and me...

Chad and Frank...aren't they cute?

All of the boys

 and the grand finale...Dave!

As you can see, it was another wonderful holiday season for the Lofgrens! We loved all of the time we got to spend with family and friends...but...I have to be honest...I'm kind of glad that it is over. :)

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