Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Like I said...I'm playing a bit of catch up. :)
This year Landry was TOTALLY in to Halloween! He was excited about his costume, pumpkins, candy, decorations, trick-or-treating...ALL OF IT!
A few months ago I asked him what he wanted to be...and his choice ELEPHANT!
Of course! I should have known that my elephant enthusiast would want to dress up like his favorite animal. Of course my response was, "Really? An am I supposed to make that?"
I guess it could have been worse. He could have asked to be his other favorite thing...a vacuum. :)

So I went to work, creating what I hoped to be the cutest little elephant. It turned out pretty cute! Of course there are things that I wasn't completely satisfied with...but I did love his little tail. :)
Big thanks to Chad's cousin Kelli for giving me the idea of using a pool noodle for his trunk.

Cutest elephant I've ever seen!

Uncle Ron and Auntie K.K. came by to see him before he went trick-or-treating...

and so did Nawnie and Papa.

Our family of, I am not expecting...just need to lose a few pounds. :)

I took landry around our neighborhood...which was pretty boring and disappointing. Lucky for Landry...we have a "few" friends that love him to pieces and so we headed over to Frank and Sheri's "hood." He had a blast...and he even won the prize from one house of the cutest costume of the night. :)

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