Sunday, December 23, 2012

CBA: Day 15: Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Moving on to day 15...
I think it is safe to say that this was Landry's least favorite activity...what do you think?

To say that Landry "doesn't like Santa" well, a bit of an understatement! He is TERRIFIED of him! Each year our amazing wedding photographer, Pamela Leeds, has Santa pictures at her studio. I love it because she has connections with Santa himself and you get professional shots, in her quiet studio, for the same price as the "mall Santas."

Everytime that we asked Landry if he wanted to go see Santa he said, "No...I don't yike Santa. Santa make me cry." How is it possible that he remembers last year's experience?
He wasn't a fan then either!
Whenever he sees pictures of Santa he loves him...but the real way. I am sure that we will probably have to pay this in therapy bills since I am sure to win "Mother of the Year" for
a. Prying my deathly scared, shaking, trembling, SCREAMING, child off of me.
b. Throwing him on Santa's lap
c. Running away...literally so that we could take the picture
d. Laughing at this whole experience!
When we tell him that Santa is coming to his house to leave presents his response..."NO! Santa NOT coming to my house. I don't yike Santa!"
Here's one quick trip down memory lane...with Santa:
Landry's 1st Christmas

His second
and his third
Maybe next year is "the year?"

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