Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning

I know...I am kind of stretching out my Christmas posts...sorry! It is just that there were so many fun things that happened this year and I want to make sure I get as much written down as possible so that I don't forget them.
So, even though Landry wasn't very enthusiastic about Santa coming...the jolly man still stopped by and left a few things under the tree for Handsome!
On Christmas morning Landry decided to sleep did Chad. I was the one that was up waiting for everyone to wake up!!! Finally Landry woke up and was excited to see what Santa brought him. :)
Digging right in...

a Mickey Mouse sippy cup...

candy canes...the stocking could have been filled with just candy canes and Landry would have been thrilled!

Next...2 new light up toothbrushes...

and best of all...a new TRICYCLE!!!!

In true Landry fashion...he wanted to use his new toothbrush right away. :)

Brushing is serious business!

I think that he may have decided that Santa isn't too bad after all. :o)

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