Monday, December 24, 2012

CBA: Day 23: The Gingerbread Man

We are almost there...take a look at what day 23 brought...
Yesterday was a busy day. We spent most of it baking and decorating cookies with Nawnie. Handsome was a trooper and went all day without a nap! After we had cleaned up our cookie mess what else was there to do but make a gingerbread house mess! He he!!
No nap didn't stop this one from being excited to create his own gingerbread house!

While the house was "setting" we decorated the tree for the front yard. I put the frosting on and he put the candies on.

Time to build the snowman!

I had some old licorice in the pantry...from who knows we used that to border the roof. Once again, I added the frosting...he put on the candies. He chose the candies and put them wherever he wanted to.

Gum drops for one side of the roof...

M&Ms for the other side. I tried REALLY hard to get him to use gum drops on both sides of the roof so that it would match. But he told me, "No, mama...dis is MY house."
Very true Handsome...very true! :o)

Here is the final product...the view of the front yard...

Side one...

the backyard...

and side two!

Once again...someone was sooooooooo proud of his work!
This morning, when he woke up, he came running out, saw the house and said, "Cookie right der...I made dat house!"

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