Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crafty Christmas Wrap

On Saturday I decided to get crafty with Landry. I saw an idea on Pinterest that I used as my inspiration. The idea was to take painter's tape, put it on a canvas in the shape of letters, words, or a design. Then you let a toddler paint all over the canvas, take the tape away, and you are left with a really neat design.
So, I took the idea and tweaked it a bit. Instead of canvases I used plain white gift bags. I wanted Landry to make a bag for each of our family members for a special gift. I put the first initial of each family's last name on each bag.
Then I handed them over to my darling, naked artist!

He has a smile on his face now...but it took some warming up to the idea of being "naked."

(notice there is NO paint on the paper towel under his bag...he has a bit of his mom's type a personality. :) )
Since he was decorating Christmas bags I gave him red and green paint to work with. It was coincidental that the two brushes I happened to grab were red and green...and it worked out beautiful! He did a better job of keeping the gren in the green and the red in the red than most of my second graders do. :)

A budding young artist!

His enthusiasm started to dwindle at the end. I had him do eight bags...and the amount of paint that was used on each one decreased drastically from the first to the last bag. When he was all finished he was so proud of his work...and definitely ready to get cleaned up. He is not a fan of being messy. I had to tell him that it was okay to get paint on himself...and I promised that we would wash it off with soap and water. :)

After all of the paint dried, I pulled off the tape, and wrote each family's name inside the letter.

Look at how cute they turned out!

I love that they are all coordinating and yet each one os a little different. I also think that it is special to have the spirit of a small child on each present. Next time I think I will use narrower tape...but all in all it was a success!
After Christmas I will share with you what is inside each bag. :)

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