Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Festivities

For the past three years...since Landry was born...we have spent Christmas Eve at Chad's aunt and uncle's house...Gary and Mary's. Mary is the hostess of all hostesses. She is an amazing cook and always has the most delicious food! Monday night was no exception...there were stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, yalanchi, cheese borag (I have no idea how to spell it,) cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon, Pam's delicious chicken brunch braid, and so much more.
Landry got to open up some special gifts. Gary and Mary gave him a cool fire truck and construction truck that run all by themselves.

Aunt Barbara gave him the perfect "pet" dog! is perfect. It is an adorable, tiny, brown and white dog that walks, barks, and will even follow you around!

G.G. and Poppie got him a gift that is unlike anything else. What's inside?

Its a dancing cow!!! Yup, the cow has "moos like Jagger!" dances to the song, "Moves Like Jagger"...and you're welcome for getting the song stuck in your head! :o)

Not quite sure what to make of the dancing cow!

Big kisses for G.G.

Landry was in love with Gary and Mary's Christmas tree.

It had a rope light, with chasing lights, that went around the bottom. Landry loved to sit and watch them...especially with Brooke.

Kelli...not so much! She finally won him over with a video. ;o)

Here are some great shots of the Tigh side of the family...Chad's mom's side! :o)
Kelli, Gary, and Brooke

The grandchildren with Papa
Brooke, Kelli, Papa, and Chad

The Tighs
Pam, Papa, and Gary

Big thanks to Gary and Mary for hosting another wonderful family-filled holiday. We love you all!!!

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