Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Game of the Season

Two weeks ago we celebrated the end of the Bulldog's football season. The game was an early start that meant we had to change up our tailgating routine. You know we like to get there early...because we are super cheap and won't buy a tailgate that means we have to beat the "parking crew"...which means 4 hours before game time! Yup, we were tailgating at 8:00 in the morning. Nothing says true dedication like an early morning tailgate! :)
Our friend Brian took on the role this season of coordinating the menus for each of our tailgates...and I have to say...we saved the best for last! We had a full-on breakfast burrito bar which was amazing and delicious!
Gotta have warm tortillas...

Add in the chorizo...made by my hubby...
and of have to top it off with a bloody mary...or mimosa!
Amelia was awake and ready to party!

And in case you think we were the only crazy people there at 8:00 in the'd be mistaken!
"Cheese!" Landry has LOVED tailgating this's true. Every Saturday he wakes up and asks if we are going to the "tayogate." If we tell him that there isn't a game he says, "Yes der is...I go to da Boodogs, Mommy!"
Believe it or not it was a WARM really warm...70 degrees warm! We were dressed for some chilly weather so our seats in the sun were nice and toasty!

I love this picture that Jake took of us...our sweet family...cheering on the Bulldogs.

Throughout the season Landry has become quite the fan. He knows when to cheer for the team, claps when they score, yells, "Go Dogs!" when the crowd is excited...and loves to point out random the Carl's Jr. inflatable star, the "biiiig t.v." - a.k.a the scoreboard, and one of his favorites...the ceiling fans in the press box - yes, he can see the ceiling fans in the press box from the other side of the field! This game he was also very interested in the band and would let us know every time he heard the band. Yup. Every. Single. Time. :)

A highlight of the game is going to visit Nawnie and Papa at their seats. He asks every game...and reminds us before the game...that Nawnie and Papa are going to be at the "big game."

Since the game was so hot...and the Bulldogs were KILLING the Airforce...we left shortly after halftime and continued our tailgate...while watching the game on t.v. When the game ended Landry stood and waved good-bye to all of the fans heading home after an awesome Bulldog victory!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I LOVE our tailgating tradition! I will admit that I grumble each morining when we are getting things loaded up and I think about the fact that I "lose" one day of my weekend...but once we get is so worth it. I love the fact that we have a designated time doing something as a family and making memories with friends. Here are some favorites pics of other tailgates that didn't make the blog...but the memories are priceless!
Tailgate buddies...Jonah and Landry! They are about 2 mnoths these two!
Mid-season my mom bought Landry a pair of sneakers...or "running shoes" as Landry calls them. During one tailgate Frank raced/ran with Landry for a good 30 minutes...putting his "running shoes" to good use!
Ready, set...

Just so you know...there were no cars was during the tailgate so there is no traffic...and Landry knows that you don't run in a parking lot! :)
Of course there is nothing sweeter that a father and son heading to a game to cheer on their team!
Another season has come and gone. I cannot wait for next season and all of the adventures that it will bring. Until then...GO DOGS!!!

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