Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Book Advent {CBA} Day 1: Elf on the Shelf

So, I have to start with a confession...I'm a bit "Christmas Crazy" this year. Yup. It is true. I like to blame it on my child. is his fault. I am sooooooooooo excited to experience what I am calling "Landry's First Christmas." I say this because let's be real, his 1st Christmas he was only 7 months old. He had no idea what was going on. Last year...not much better. But this year, oh this year is so much different. We're only 2 days into December and it is already AH-MAZ-ING!
Back to the purpose of this post. Another reason for my craziness...PINTEREST! Seriously. It is all because of my darling child...and Pinterest. Enough pointing fingers...back to the topic...Christmas Book Advent calendar. I saw the idea on Pinterest and LOVED it! The 1st/2nd grade teacher in me loved the fact that I would be sharing a new story with my little one each day. Then the "crazy" kicked in...and as I started to collect books...I started to plan some activities to go with them. Yup. It. Is. True. I was able to hold back a little and only planned activities for the books that Landry would open on a weekend. Unfortantely the weekdays are just too crazy.
Last night, after we got home from Christmas Tree Lane, I had his basket of books waiting for him on the fireplace hearth.
Silly boy! He was so excited about his basket of books and immediately wanted to open them. I told him he could open one of them. Side, he isn't blinking...this is his new smile...a scrunched up face. :)
He knew exactly what to do!
What was inside? Elf on the Shelf!!!!! He surprised me by being rather excited about the book and elf. I was a little worried that he might be scared of the elf...but he loves him! We read the story and talked about how he can't touch him...only Mommy and Daddy...or he will lose his magic. We told him that the elf would tell Santa if he had been good or not. If he is good, then Santa will bring him toys. He quickly said, "Santa has vacuums???" Yes sweet thing, Santa has vacuums! :)
We asked him what he wanted to name his elf and he said, "ABCs", as of now he remains nameless...but he might be named "ABCs" because when we asked him about it today...he gave the same answer in a matter of fact, don't you remember, kinda way. :)
So, here he is...ABCs!

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