Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cookie Time!

One of my favorite memories of Christmas time growing up is making cookies with my mom, sister, and Nana. It was always an all day event that was filled with sugar, peppermint, candy cane, and gingerbread cookies. We would literally work all day baking, frosting, and decorating cookies. Nana would make everything from scratch of course.
This year I was so excited to start the tradition with Landry. He was excited too!
All of the supplies...ready to go...

First step...cut out the shapes...

Then gather up your scraps and start again!

After your cookies are is frosting time!

Next comes the sprinkles...a.k.a. "pinkles"

As you can see...most of the "pinkles" ended up on the paper...not the cookie. Since someone is a 2.5 old...and wants to do everything, "aw by mysewf"...we had to switch to a spoon method.

One "chocwet pinkle" at a time

As you can see...he was using his tried and true method of "let's clump everything together, in the middle of the cookie, so that there is a mountain of "fosting" and "pinkles." :o)

After you frost and sprinkle them...time for a taste test...

and another...

True sign of decorating success.

No one said it was a clean job!

Have you been kissing smurfs again?

Landry and me

Landry and Nawnie

One thing I don't remember about the the mess! :o)

All part of our creations...

Landry's creations!

So...who's coming over to help us eat them all? :o)

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