Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

Yup...another Halloween has come and gone...
which can only mean one thing...
Christmas is tomorrow. ;)
Just kidding.
Not really.

For the past three years Landry
has chosen what he has wanted to be for Halloween.
Since I LOVE to make his/our costumes,
I try to get him to narrow done and commit
to one idea pretty early...and he ends
up determining the theme for our costumes. :)

This year he was set from summer...
So, I hit up Pinterest...
and found lots of "sexy" zebras...
but not too many cute, little-kid zebras.
So I took one idea...duct tape...and ran with it.

Here is our little zebra!

Yes, I made the entire costume.
Not even going to lie...I'm pretty proud of myself. :)
I used white flannel for the base.
Then cut black duct tape for the stripes,
pipe cleaners for the mane, and foam sheets
for the hooves.

To go with our zebra...
Lexie the cheetah!

Her costume was a lot less complicated...
sweatshirt from Wal-Mart, black tights,
and then I made her ears from sweatpants
that I cut up, black duct tape, and one
of her many elastic headbands. :)

Trick or treating time!

Landry is not the most enthusiastic trick-or-treater.
Oh...and to the grown man, dressed up like a zombie,
that had my child in tears, running from your house,
on both sides of the street...ya...I have special name for you...
and it isn't a nice one!

After hitting about 7 houses
on our street...and running for home,
two tears...
Landry decided he was done and that
he wanted to go see Nawnie and Papa.

So...we "closed up shop"
at our house...

loaded up the car...and headed to Nawnie's!

Landry was STILL worried about the zombie getting
him so he didn't want to go trick-or-treating in Nawnie
and Papa's neighborhood. :(

All in all, it was a fun night!

We didn't host our annual Halloween Party...
but here's a look back at our costumes over the years...

Landry's 1st Halloween...

Some how I don't have a picture of our 
vampire and baby bat family together. :(

Landry as a yard gnome...

The Rubbles...2012

Under the Big Top...2013
Yes, I am still annoyed that Chad went 
"scary-creepy" clown instead of
"fun-vintage" clown.

Posion Ivy (preggo with Lexie), the Riddler,
and Batman...2014

And if you are wondering...of course ALL of the candy was
gone when we got home. 
But our pumpkins were still intact. :)

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