Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Discovery Center

Vacation always means one thing for sure...
play date with the Gunstreams!
Yesterday we met Erin, Amy, and Carter for
a morning of fun at 
The Discovery Center!

They have a huge park area full of fun things for the kids!
Best part...the park area is FREE!!!
Checking out the worm farm...
no luck with finding any worms...
or maybe that was good luck. ;)

There was a large cement pipe...
that rolled!

Teepees to play in...

Dinosaur pictures to be taken...

and even part of a space "shuttle" to play in.
Not exactly sure what kind of space travel vehicle it was...
but Amy and Landry didn't care. :)

To infinity and beyond!

This little one had tons of fun, too!

They had slides just her size...
and of course she loved them!

After we had explored the park...
it was time to go in the museum...
watch out for sharks!

First stop...
an old computer!

Who doesn't want  play a
life size version of operation?

Next up...
time to grind some acorns,
like the Native Americans.

There was a HUGE xylophone to play with...

and even a small one, just Lexie's size.
Of course, she tried to eat it. :(

In the back part of the museum
they have all kinds of animals:
chinchillas, turtles, newts, snakes,
guinea pigs, fish, and all kinds of lizards.
Outside they have tortoises, ducks, rabbits, and doves.

Lexie was SOOOO excited about the ducks!


Before we left...
the kids tried to travel in space...

it didn't work... :)

so Carter decided to make a jump for it!

Fun with magnets

It was a fun morning exploring a hidden gem!

I always laugh thinking about how our vacation dates
have changed over the years.
We used to get together for lunch and coffee, 
chatting away,
no worries.

Now our vacation dates are spent making sure
we haven't lost a child, no one falls in the pond, 
gets pricked by cactus, crushed my a rolling cement pipe,
eats dirt, rocks, or anything else that isn't meant to be eaten,
attacks a duck, climbs in the tortoise enclosure, 
or lets the rabbit out.

Exhausting? Yes.
Would I trade it for the world? Nope.
Well...maybe. ;)

Here is a link to The Discovery Center's website for more info:

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