Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow Much Fun!

On Sunday we decided to pack up the truck
and head up to the snow!
We went to our favorite place to play in the snow,
Kings Canyon National Park.
Here is why we love it so much...

Yup...no one around!
Sure there were other people in the area...
but it isn't super crowded, the hills are just
the right size for sledding, and there is lots of snow.
We especially love the Columbine Picnic Area
near General Grant Grove.

We got the munchkins all bundled up
and ready for some fun!

Time for some sledding fun...
this guy was a little timid in the beginning.

Shocking. I know. :)
He was convinced the sled was going to be
"too fast!"

So...we did what all great parents do...
showed him that even his little sister wasn't afraid. :)

In true fashion...she had no reaction. :)

Of course she tried to eat the snow...

and she decided it was pretty yummy.

Landry finally decided that sledding looked like fun!

Here he is in action!

While we watched Landry sled...
we attempted a selfie...
with a baby...
not an easy task. :)

Landry soon had his own "style"
of sledding...feet in the air! :)

Here is a link where you can see his sledding in action.
Don't ask me why I can't add the video like the other two?

I attempted to video Lexie and I
sledding together...in hopes of getting
her reaction...but she was preoccupied
trying to get the camera.

A trip to the snow isn't complete without a snowman!

Landry was SOOOOOO excited...
he made sure we didn't leave 
the house without a carrot.

Lexie on the hand...
not such a fan of snowmen. :)

Love this boy to pieces!!!!

Our snow babies!

The last item on Landry's
"Snow Bucket List"
was making a snow angel.

Another great family fun day!
We sure hope there is lots of snow this
year so that we can make more trips. :)

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