Saturday, November 7, 2015

October Fun! is November already...
and I am still trying to catch up on
my October posts. is one long, picture packed
post sharing some of the fun we had in October.

As you know, we made our annual trip to Avila.
One of the main objectives while we were there was to get
a pumpkin large enough to put Lexie in. :)
You might remember that for Landry's first Halloween
we got a pumpkin and put him in it...
and the picture was pretty epic.

So...we had to try and recreate the moment with Lexie.
She wasn't loving it so much...

Then she came to terms with the fact
that she was in a pumpkin...

and decided to make herself comfortable!

I was lucky enough to get chosen as a chaperone
for Landry's field trip to the pumpkin patch
with his kindergarten class!

On the bus...ready to go!

Landry has made some of the sweetest...and spunkiest friends!

It also helps that I love his friends' mamas. :)

Look out world...
these three could be trouble...
or completely amazing!
Either way...they're sure to have fun!

Hayride fun!!!

The perfect pumpkin...

cutest group of kindergarteners...

and one tired mama...
equals field trip success!!!

We also went to Zoo Boo this year for the first time!

Landry and Amelia

Yup...our cheetah is attacking our zebra...
what else would you expect?

It isn't Halloween without some pumpkin carving fun!
Landry was finally "willing" to scoop
out the goop from his pumpkin this year.

My pumpkin proved to be a tough one to carve...
broken knife and all!

Yup...that's the rest of the blade...
stuck in the pumpkin...lovely.

Here was our "Pumpkin Carving Supervisor."

Still scooping the goop...

and carving is a very serious job.

Landry was very proud of his final product!
Yes, it does look pretty much just like
last year's pumpkin.
Why change up the design?
"That's the way I carve my pumpkins, Mom."

All three of our finished products!

October was a fun-filled, crazy-busy month.
I am so glad that our calendar for November is pretty empty.
Looking forward to hanging out and enjoying the "quiet"
before the craziness of December is upon us. :)

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