Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lexie Ann...9 months

Oh, Lexie Ann!

Yup...that phrase is said a lot at our house.
I have a hashtag that I like to use on Instagram
for my little Lexie-Lou...
and it is so fitting for the last month!

Life with Lexie is definitely an adventure!
We joke that we don't have a baby...
we have a dog.

Yup. She loves to pull the trash and recycling cans
over on herself.
There is no obstacle too big for her to climb.


Yes, you saw that right.
She was climbing on the box
(which was put there so that she ideally couldn't 
get to the ficus tree and eat the moss in the bottom)
to get to the electrical outlet...
to try and PULL OFF the safety cover!

Diaper changes are a whole new adventure as well...

She pulls herself up and stands on anything and everything

Again...climbs on, over, and through 
anything in her way!

Have I mentioned that she has NO FEAR?
What baby doesn't dive head first
off the couch into their toy bin?

Along with no fear...
if she isn't able to get something...
she just keeps trying...
no matter how many times she falls...
until she gets where/what she wants!

She LOVES to eat...
anything and everything!
She just started to cut her first tooth...
and is still our little peanut.
She just hit 18 pounds
and still fits in 3-6 month clothing...
but is starting to wear 6-9 month.
There is no keeping socks on her.
No. Way.
Did I mention she will eat anything?
Fake tree moss.
Carpet fuzz.

Even though she is constantly on the go,
there are times when she just crashes.

We treasure those moments. ;)
She is an awesome sleeper, too.
Oh...and remember how I was concerned
when Landry was little, that he wasn't talking? concerns here!
She "talks" all the time.
There is no sweet "babbling."
Loud, screaming, grunting, laughing,
passionate, "talking."
Most of the time with quite a bit
of sass behind it.
Lord help us now!
At 9 months she is full of opinions,
thoughts, and demands.
Yes. Demands.

she is pretty much the cutest thing around!

Of course we are biased...
and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

But look out...because she is coming...
and she is going to do some pretty amazing things!

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