Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday Fun 2015

This holiday season has been jam packed with 
fun, lights, family, sugar,
and tradition.

We started with something new...
The Global Winter Wonderland
in Tulare.

This was the first year for the event
and my mom bought all of us tickets
through Groupon.

It was an "experience"
but I don't think we will be adding
it to our list of holiday traditions. ;)

Nothing says Christmas like dinosaurs...

and especially a baby on a dinosaur!

Fun fact...we were actually in a commercial for the
Global Winter Wonderland
that was airing locally.

The first weekend in December
we decided to check out a new light display in town,
Santa Claus Lane.

It is a cul-de-sac of houses 
that have synchronized their lights to music.
Pretty impressive.

It is only 16 houses long...
and it is super close to our neighborhood...
so it was worth the trip for us.

Here is a link to a video you can watch 
that pretty much gives you the full experience:

Next up...visiting the big man himself...

As you can see...
Landry was a fan...
not so much!

Landry had his Winter Performance at school.

The kids did a great job!
They had the risers on the floor
and Landry was on the bottom row,
so we couldn't really see him...
even standing on the side. :(
Thanks to my phone,
and long arms,
I was able to hold it as high as possible
and get these videos.

We continued our tradition of walking
Candy Cane/Cindy Lane with our friends.

Landry and Amelia...ready for some lights!

Landry and I celebrated the last week of school
with Festive Holiday Hat Day...

Pajama Day...
(yes, I have the best boss...
and work with "O'mazing" people

Landry at his class party!

I FINALLY got around to making
Lexie's stocking.

Our family of four!

Yesterday was our "final hurrah" 
with cookie baking and decorating!

Are you tired?
I am. :)
Add in some gingerbread house making,
late night elf moving,
Christmas present shopping...
and wrapping,
10 personalized ornaments,
nearly 20 glitter sweatshirts,
5 other holiday shirts,
a work party,
friends party,
getting rear-ended,
riding the Polar Express,
and a few adult beverages...
you've got yourself one heck of a 
holiday season!

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