Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Polar Express

On Sunday we packed up the kids...and car...
and headed to
The Polar Express!

I don't even remember how...
but somehow I heard about the fact
that there is a Polar Express in Sacramento.
Well...after some research,
and online ticket stalking,
I wasn't able to get us tickets to the Sacramento
one...but luckily there is one pretty much
just like it...only not as popular...
so I was able to get us tickets to the 
Jamestown Polar Express.

My parents and sister made the trip, too!

While we waited for the train,
we had some time to check out the gift shop,
train station, and of course taking pictures 
with festive decor.

Someone was VERY concerned
that we were going to miss the train...
so we got in line.

Selfie time with my favorite little girl!

The time finally came for us to board
and find our seats!

Here are my parents...

attempting to take a selfie. ;)

Being on the train was like being in the movie!
The staff was unbelievable.
Everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful,
and full of the holiday spirit.

The waiters sang and danced...just like book and movie!

I couldn't get good pictures of them...
but they were rather impressive!

The hot cocoa was delicious!
My sister and I decided that they should
definitely sell the mix in the gift shop.

Of course you can't have hot cocoa
without a cookie!

The conductor came by to
punch our tickets.

And about that time...
we were pulling up to the North Pole!
The staff came by with little towels
so that we could wipe the condensation
off of the windows to get a better view.

Peeking out at the North Pole.

There he is...SANTA!!!

Santa and his elves were busy
at work...
but still had time to wave and greet the children.
(In the pictures they don't look like real people...but they were. ;) )

Landry wasn't quite sure what to make of everything.

Lexie...well...she just wanted to keep eating. ;)

Good-bye, North Pole!

Santa came aboard and as we left the North Pole
he greeted and gave every passenger the
first gift of Christmas...

Lexie knew just what to do with it!

Then it was time to return to the station 
and say, "good-bye" to the Polar Express.

It really was such a magical night!
I would HIGHLY recommend doing it with your family.
Although...I have to warn may lead to
LOTS of questions about Santa.
"Why isn't there snow at the North Pole?"
"Where are the reindeer?"
"I thought the North Pole was a lot bigger!"
"It didn't take us very long to get there...
and we weren't going very fast...
so how did we make it ALL the way to the North Pole?"

Oh my sweet, inquisitive, oh-so-serious, little man!

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