Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Our Christmas festivities started by celebrating
Christmas Eve with Chad's side of the family,
at his aunt and uncle's home.

Poppie (Chad's dad) with Lexie-Lou

Lexie pretty much ate her way through the night.
Yup...she is my daughter. ;)

We got home pretty late and Landry fell asleep in the car.
When we got home he didn't even want to
choose which cookies to leave out for Santa...
so I did.

Of course Santa came and left everyone some presents!

On Christmas Eve Landry wrote this note to Santa.
Each year he is sad to see Elfie go back to the North Pole.
One night he wrote a note for Elfie to take to Santa...
he was very curious to know if Santa actually got the note.

Of course Santa wrote him back.
Christmas morning we were up SUPER early!
At about 5:15 I heard some rustling around,
went out to the living room to find Landry AWAKE!

He loved that Santa brought the 
Miles From Tomorrowland spaceship he had asked for.
When Lexie woke up she seemed to know 
just what to do with her stocking.

Someone is excited about some sippy cups.

After having some time to play with everything Santa
brought, it was time to get ready to go to Nawnie and Papa's.

Auntie KK loves her Lexie-Lou!

As you can see...the feeling is mutual...
best auntie ever!

My Lexie-Lou and me...matching!

Who loves who more?
Hmmm...that's a close one!

Look out Ernie...a crawiling tutu is coming after you!

Lexie seemed ready to open all of the gifts...

but shoot time!

Once it was time for her to open her gifts...
she didn't seem very interested.

Landry on the other hand could hardly wait!

Daddy decided to help Lexie out.

Poppie and Landry

G.G. and her grandkids!

We had a wonderful day celebrating with my family
and Chad's parents.
We are so blessed for so many different
reasons...and yesterday was a reminder of that!

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