Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lexie Ann...7 months

Oh this girl. She is fun, crazy, full of life, "opinions"
and adds a little bit of magic to our days!

In looking back at the month's pictures...
I realized I didn't have very many. :(

I felt a bit guilty...and then I realized why
I don't have many pictures of her...

it is because I am constantly "fishing"
things out of her mouth...and trying to stop
her from killing herself.
So...that leaves little time for
me to take pictures. :)

As you can see...

she loves to chew on...EVERYTHING!

And eating is a very serious job. :)

We had her 6 month check up
with Dr. Hubbard...and of course...
ran the show.

She immediately stole the tongue

and then discovered that the paper made
lots of noise...
and it was fun to "eat!"

Here is a video I tried to get to capture
her love of the exam table paper...

She has escaped pretty much everything...
and this is how she prefers to swing.

She was all smiles when we put her in the

but she has kind of decided that she is not 
such a fan of being "contained."

Here's to our little sunshine being 7 months old!

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