Sunday, October 18, 2015

Avila Valley Barn Pumpkin Fun!

On Saturday we made our annual trip to the
Avila Valley Barn for some pumpkin fun!
My mom, sister, and I started this yearly
trip when Landry was about 18 months old.
You might remember that he was NOT
a fan of pumpkins...or any part of it, really.

Over the years it has grown on him
and now he looks forward to our fall tradition.
We were all so excited to see Lexie's reaction
to everything...and she did not disappoint!
Have I mentioned that she is C-R-A-Z-Y?

We mad a quick stop in San Luis Obispo
for some Splash Cafe chowder...
and then headed to the farm.
First item of business...
feed the farm animals.
Can you see my little animal trying
to climb out of the wagon?

She was so excited to see all of the animals!

We made a quick detour for an obligatory
sibling pumpkin picture. :)

Then back to the animals...goats to be specific.
When Lexie spied them...
she could hardly contain herself!
She lunged forward, trying to get out of the wagon,
and as close to the goats as possible...
screaming the whole time.

Here is a quick video I got.

She wasn't AS excited about the chickens.

My little farm girl and me.

She might not look too thrilled now...
but she was once she spotted the cow!
She grabbed onto the fence so hard that
I could barely pry her fingers off.
I just knew that cow was going to come up 
and lick her whole face...
but she didn't...thankfully!

This video doesn't do justice to how excited she was.
If she could have figured out a way to get
on the cow...she would have.
I also love how you can see Landry in
the background at one part...
not wanting to get too close to the cow...
my sweet Mr. Cautious. :)

My attempt at getting a shot
of just Lexie with a pumpkin...

She was WAY too interested 
in the pumpkins to look at me. :)

My two cuties and me!

Love them so much!

Lexie having fun with
Nawnie while we wait to pay for our pumpkins.

After we loaded up our wagon...
it was time for a hay ride!

Lexie tried as hard as she could
to eat some hay while we waited.

But she couldn't quite get it
in her mouth. :)

Sibling shot take 1:

take 2...

take 3...

Yup...didn't happen. :(
I love the look on Landry's face, though.
It is like he is thinking,
"Will you PLEASE do something with her, Mom?"

On the hay ride...ready for some fun...

or in Lexie's case...round 2 at trying to eat hay!
She was getting a bit fussy and was happiest when
I sat her on the floor of the trailer...
which gave her lots of opportunities
to grab handfuls of hay...and try to shove
them in her mouth before I could get them.

After the hay ride Landry wanted to ride the ponies.

My little and all. :)

By the end of the day...
Auntie K.K. was still smiles...
Lexie...not so much. :)

All in all, it was a fun day!
Lexie loved pretty much EVERYTHING,
Landry got to pick his own little pumpkin 
for his room, ride a pony, eat roasted corn,
and drink apple cider...what more could a kid ask for? :)

I am so bummed that I din't get a picture
with all of us together...
but, there is always next year! :)

And just for is a look back at our previous trips:

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