Sunday, October 11, 2015

Go Dogs!!!

On Saturday we went to our first 
Bulldog game as a family of four!

In years past we have always purchased season tickets,
but due to their "less than ideal schedule"...
two Friday games and a Thursday game...
we didn't get them this season.

If you follow our blog you know that we normally
do a full day of tailgating before.
Well...with a little one...we didn't go all out 
like we have in the past...and I didn't get many pictures.

Before we headed out I had to get Lexie
her Bulldog attire. :)
I kept Landry's old shirts and turned this one

into a little dress for her.
Cut off the neck and sleeves, fold over the top,
do a straight stitch, run some ribbon through...
and voila...

Lexie's first time feeling grass...

and of course she wanted to eat it!

So we had to relocate her to the blanket. :)

Love this girl!

Since we didn't get our normal season tickets,
we had to give away our first born buy single game the lovely tune of $87!
Yup...$87 to watch them get killed.
We are thinking of it as a donation...
think we can write it off?

(You're welcome Dave and Brian! ;) )

Lexie and Chad...she loved the game!

C'mon Dogs!!!!

My two favorite future Bulldogs!

The game wasn't the best...
I'm not sure you could really call it a game. :(
We still had fun with friends, family,
and our first game as a family of four!

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