Thursday, May 7, 2015

Landry Tigh...age 5

Landry Tigh...where do I even begin?
Five years ago, on May 6, at 4:22 in the afternoon, you were born.

We went from being Chad and Daddy and Mommy.

You have brought so much joy and an incredible love into our lives.
You started out as a shy, quiet, timid, cautious little boy..
.and boy have you grown and changed!
You are still shy at first...
and EXTREMELY cautious...
but quiet? 
Not so much. ;)

You have a true love for any kind of accessory or costume.
We never know exactly what you might come out wearing...

and you definitely have a sweet tooth like me!
I can always count on you to enjoy a treat with me. :)

This year you had your first swimming lessons.
They didn't start so great.
There were lots of tears, clinging...and yes, 
you did actually get out of the pool and run away one time. 
Yes, I did chase you down and put you back in the pool.

But by the end of summer you FINALLY realized that the pool is a good place to be.

You started your second year of preschool...

and have quickly become quite the writer!

You are so lucky to have two great teachers again...
Miss Kim and Mrs. Sheehan.

Your love for tailgates  and Bulldog football continued.

And of course...
there is probably no other place you like to go more...
than the zoo!

You have a love for animals...just like your daddy!

And a love for "driving" any kind of vehicle...just like your papa!

I think it is pretty safe to say that you are loved by pretty much everyone!

Your love of holidays really grew this year...
since you finally kind of understood what they were all about. :)

You got your "Big Boy" bed this year...

continue to be a big helper at home...

and were a big winner at John's Incredible Pizza...
1,000 tickets to be exact.

But...probably the biggest news of the year was...

you became a BIG BROTHER!!!!

You have loved your sister from the minute you knew about her...
and it has only grown!

You have completely amazed us with how kind, loving, caring, and concerned with her you are.
You are such an amazing brother...
and it warms our hearts to see just how much you care about her!

Landry Tigh...we hope you have an amazing birthday 
and know just how much we love you!
We are so very proud of you and 
cannot even imagine the great things you will accomplish this year.
I still cannot believe that you are 5 years old...
and will be starting kindergarten.
I ask you pretty much every day...
to please stop growing and just stay little...
your answer is always the same, 
"I can't stop growing, Mama. I have to grow big so that I can drive a car."

So, today we celebrate you... 
our fun loving, costume wearing, apple eating, 
McDonald's loving, silly dancing, never stops talking, 
park loving, Wild Kratts watching, zoo visiting, 
weather report loving, early waker-upper, tickle loving, 
best big brother, sweetest smiling Landry Tigh!

No birthday post would be complete...
without a look back over the years:

1 month old

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

and 5 years old

When I told Landry to get on the couch for his annual picture his response was,
"Do I have to? Really...again?"
Then he asked if he could take my picture with Lion Bear. ;)

Happy Birthday, Landry Tigh Lofgren!!!!!

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