Sunday, May 24, 2015

The King Wedding

On Saturday we got to celebrate with our closest friends, 
the marriage of Brian and Kelly.

Deborah, me, and Sheri before the wedding festivities begin

The wedding was in our friends, Keith and Sarah's, beautiful backyard.
The beautiful bride and her father...

What a good looking group of groomsmen!

Keith was the officiant and he did a wonderful job!
It was a heartfelt ceremony with just the right amount of humor.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Brian King!

The decor was rustic, vintage, winery with little
details that added a lot of character.
Unfortunately I was having so much fun enjoying
an evening of no children that I forgot to get pictures
of the decor. Here are the beautiful centerpieces.

In our group it isn't a wedding until "Cotton-Eyed Joe" has been played!

And of can't forget about the photo booth!
Deborah, Sheri, and me hammin' it up. :)
1. We love Sheri
2. Oops it took our picture
3. Duck face
4. Serious model look

Here is our "Masquerade Charlie's Angels" set.
In the second photo I promise I am doing the "gun" pose
with my hands..even though it looks like something not so nice.

And here is Deborah, Jeff, Chad, and me...
too bad we don't have any fun together!

It was a great night celebrating the new couple.
Not even going to was AWESOME
to have a night with this guy and not have to
worry about where two little ones were,
if they were hungry, bored, 
needed a diaper changed, and so on.

Congrats, Brian and Kelly! 
We love you and wish you a lifetime 
of love and happiness!

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