Friday, June 12, 2015

Lexie - 3 months

So...I am almost 2 weeks late with my 3 month update.
Poor second child. :)
Yes, it is true...this little cutie is 3 months old!

She is growing like crazy.
New things this month were...
sitting in her Bumbo...

her new LOVE of her playmat. 
Seriously, she will lay and kick, laugh, and smile at herself forever!

And probably the biggest "achievement" is that we definitely
have a thumb-sucker!

Oh how she loves her thumb...
and she spends most of her day trying to figure out
how to get it in her mouth.

At the park...

on the Boppy...

anywhere and any way she can...she loves to suck on her thumb.
She has actually almost rolled over...trying to chase her thumb. :)
As much as she has grown and changed...
some things have stayed the same...
every once in awhile...
her bows/flowers attack!

As is our 3 month "photo shoot"...
from the view of Lexie. :)

"Hey look...what's that on t.v.?"

"Oh ya...there's my toes. I wonder if I can chew on those?
I haven't been able to get those in my mouth yet."

" that my brother?"

"That IS my brother!!! I LOVE him...and he totally loves me, too!"

"Ok Mom. Really? Do you have enough pictures yet? Seriously."

Oh Lexie-Lou...yes, that is a name I have given have been so much fun this month. Your constant smiles, giggles, and even your grunts...especially your grunts...crack us up. 
We love you sweet thing!

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