Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun Fact Friday!

Out here in "Blogland" there are a lot of bloggers that do a 
Friday Favorites segment on their blog. 
I love reading their favorites for the week and
 thought about joining in the fun.
But...since I am one that has a hard time 
"copying" exactly what someone else has done...
or is doing...
I have decided to tweak it a bit for my blog.
There are many times that things pop into my mind that I,
 for some reason, 
feel like sharing on my blog.
 However, the idea of dedicating an entire post on something
random doesn't really work for me. 
Yes, believe it or not there are many times
that I am driving, see something, 
think of something, etc. that makes me stop and think,
"I should blog about this."

So...instead of sharing my favorite recipes,
 t-shirts, beauty products, cleaning products,
what not...I am going to start a Fun Fact Friday.
This is when I will share all of...or a few of...
my random thoughts from the week.
You're welcome. ;)

Here goes nothing...

Stephen Curry and his ADORABLE daughter
If you are not a basketball fan...
or married to one like me...
or you haven't turned on a t.v. in the last month 
to know about Stephen Curry, 
the Warriors in the NBA Finals, 
and his darling daughter at post-game news conferences...
let me get you caught up real quick. 
Stephen Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors. 
The Warriors were in the NBA Finals...and won. 
Stephen Curry brought his daughter to the post-game press conferences where she...
acted like a two year old.

Now, why am I bringing this up?
Well, there were several discussions on sports news programs about
whether or not it was "appropriate" for his daughter to be there.
Seriously. I mean really?
In a time when it seems like there is a never-ending supply of 
professional athletes involved in some sort of domestic violence, 
child abuse, or related storythe media is really going to 
"attack" a professional athlete for including his daughter.

Yes, she is two. 
And yes, there were times when she was a distraction.
But honestly...this made me love Stephen Curry!
Obviously I don't know him...
and I have no idea why he brought her to the press conferences,
but here is my take on the situation.
I LOVE the fact that he was reminding everyone that first and foremost...
he is a dad!
Sure he gets paid millions of dollars to play a game...
that could be a whole other post...
but his number one job is to be a dad and an amazing 
role model to that little girl.
I would love to see more athletes bring their kids to the press conferences.
Remind the reporters...
who most of the time ask the dumbest questions...
that there is a family that is waiting for their husband/father to come home.
Way to go, Stephen!

Preschool Graduation Gifts

As you know, Landry just graduated from preschool last weekend.
Yes, we are so proud of how much he has grown.
Yes, we love him to pieces.
No, we did NOT  get him a graduation gift!
I know...we have now lost our 
"Parents of the Year" award 
that was coming our way. :)
But seriously. A gift for graduating preschool?
The thought had never even crossed my mind 
until I was reading a question that was posted on a FB page, 
asking for ideas for preschool graduation gifts.
My initial response...WTH?
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to give gifts to people.
I love to do special things for Landry.
Maybe it was the fact that we just got him 
some special gifts when Lexie was born,
which was then followed up by the slew of Easter baskets,
which was then followed by the onslaught of birthday presents,
but I couldn't do it.
I could not bring myself to join the masses 
and get him a preschool graduation gift.
Just my opinion...
but I really think that parents today have set themselves up.
Everything has to be a production. 
There has to be a gift for everything. 
Not everything has to be a magical event. 
How about we give gifts/rewards for when 
they have really accomplished something.
Again, not saying that preschool isn't important...
and that it isn't hard work...
but have you ever met a child that didn't 
graduate from preschool?
Just saying.

It's All a Facade!
Last week one of Landry's sweet preschool teachers
 gave me a really nice compliment.
She shared with me how she and the other teachers always comment
on "how together" I always have everything, I'm cute, the kids are cute, 
I have Lexie and yet everything is always put together.
I'm not going to lie...
I totally walked out of preschool with a little more bounce in my step...
it really touched my heart and was so nice to hear.
But then I kind of felt bad...because if they only knew.
Yes, I love to organize things.
Yes, I think about the little details in EVERYTHING.
Yes, Lexie never leaves the house without a matching bow/flower.
Yes, I work really hard to try and have everything "together."
But it is not always rainbows and sunshine, people.
It is REALLY important to me that people know...
I absolutely do NOT always have everything together 
and I don't ever want to come across as someone who is trying 
to act like I have everything together. are two shots of my house...right now...
just to show you a little example of how unorganized 
and messy my house can be.

Example #1...Kitchen Bar

Here is a run-down of some of the mess.
1. Garage door remote control...half of my garage has my classroom stuff that needs to be moved into my new class at Oraze...which means that my car is parked outside...and I am paranoid that someone will break into my car, get the remote, and have full access to my house.
2. Onesies that I bought to make Lexie some 4th of July cuteness.
3. A random part of the dust buster that came off when we cleaned it and I don't know where it goes now.
4. Those are the horns of the honorary "Ram Head" that is given to every staff member when they leave Riverview. Yup...its been there for two weeks.
5. An overturned snack bowl. That's what you get when you ask a 5-year old boy to put his bowl on the counter.
6. Way over on the stove...the last bit of Rice Krispie Treats that I left in the proof that I did NOT eat all of them in one night. But I may have eaten so many that I actually have myself a stomachache.
7. Dying bananas. Yes, I buy have them come home...and die in my fruit bowl. 
All. the. tme.

Exhibit #2...the dining room table
Yes...that is my dining room table. :)

1. Glitter vinyl scraps left over from my t-shirt creations.
2. Water toys and sunscreen that are supposed to be in the "swim bag" that everything is organized.
3. Landry's graduation cap...and gown
4. Yup...those are three "thank-you" notes from Landry's birthday...back in May...that are written, sealed in an envelope, and just waiting to be addressed, stamped, and put in the mail. Sorry Amy, Carter, Amelia, and Nolan...they are going to make it to you...some day. :)
5. Lexie's bouncer seat. Yes, we put her right in the middle of the table when we eat dinner.
6. My sewing machine. Haven't used it in about 2 months. But hey...doesn't everyone
have a sewing machine on their dining room table?

Oh...and if you are wondering what I made with those glitter vinyl pieces...
here it is...

just getting a head start on my Oraze spirit wear!

So...there you have it. My first Fun Fact Friday post!
Let me know what you think about it.
Don't be afraid to tell me if it is lame. ;)
Oh...and because I don't always "have it all together"...
don't count on this happening EVERY Friday.
Yes, that is the goal.
But...many times life has other ideas. :)

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