Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lexie - 4 months

4 months.
 Lexie Ann is 4 months old today.
1/3 of the first year is already gone.
Ugghh...slow down little girl!

This month was filled with a lot of
firsts for Lexie.

Her 1st NBA Finals...
which as you can see...
she found quite interesting and 
seemed to love watching it with Chad.

She had her first experience in the elephant barn
during Zoobilation.
You can tell that she was thrilled. :)

Then she seemed a bit worried that one of the 
elephants was going to get her.

Love my sweet girl!

She attended her first graduation ceremony...
preschool graduation that is. ;)

She went in a pool for the first time...
and didn't even seem to know she was in the water.

A deep love formed this month.
The love of her thumb!!!!

I got her a new little seat for the floor...

and she immediately eyed something to put in her mouth!

Oh if I could only know what was going
on in her mind!

I also "pimped" out her car seat...
complete with a fan.
She seems to love it!

(Just to clarify...she is in her carrier in 
her stroller at the zoo
in these two pictures...not in the car...
that is why she isn't buckled.)

As I shared on Facebook...
yup, her shirt says it all!

If you were wondering about Landry...
and how he feels about her...

he still completely ADORES her!!!

One of the biggest "firsts" of the month is that
she figured out how to roll over!
On Tuesday
I had laid her on her playmate on her back,
walked out of the room for a minute,
came back in, and found her like this!

So...after MANY attempts at trying to get it on film...
here is my best shot...

She has it down now and has even rolled from 
her tummy back on to her back...once.

You know what's next...
monthly photo shoot! :)

As you can see...

she wasn't exactly feeling it at first.
Then she found her thumb...but wouldn't look at me.

Then she tried to really let me know that
she was not interested in taking pictures
by hiding behind LionBear...while sucking her thumb of course. any good mom...
I fed her...and then...
tried again!

She gave me a great shot...

and then was determined to get her thumb...


In case you need a smile...
here is a video of the greeting I get every morning
when I go in to get Lexie.

Yup...I am one lucky mama!!!!

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  1. You definitely ARE one lucky mama!! All of these are just SO adorable -- and the last video is beyond words. I'm feeling very blessed today to have a fabulous and wonderful son and daughter-in-law . . . and two of the cutest, sweetest grandbabies on the planet!!!! XOXO GG & Poppie We miss you like crazy ;o)