Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Brighten Academy Graduate!

Saturday was a big day at the Lofgren House!
Landry had been counting down for about two weeks
and he was so excited when the day finally came...
preschool graduation!

Landry's preschool, Brighten Academy, held their graduation at the
Mercedes Edwards Theater...same place as their Christmas Program.

This little one did a great job during the ceremony...
even if she made mom and dad stand and bounce with her from time to time. :)

The graduates filed on to stage as "Pomp and Circumstance"
played in the background.

Each class did a little performance before they received their diplomas.

Their first song, "B-I-G, I'm Big"

followed by the tear jerker, "You've Got A Friend In Me"

After their performance all of the graduates lined up to receive their diplomas.

The teachers put together a darling slide show of all of the kids.
I love this shot of all of the graduates on stage, 
in their caps and gowns, watching the slideshow...
while all of us moms cried in the audience. :)

To wrap it all up they had a professional photographer 
take a group photo of all of the graduates.
Here are the Fireflies Class of 2015!

Landry and Mrs. Sheehan

Landry and Miss Kim

Landry and Bean
These two are just darling together!
Bean was one of the first kids Landry met at preschool.
She immediately took him under her wing and every time
I would pick him up, she was right by his side. :)

Landry and his best buddy, William

As a thank-you to Landry's teachers I made each of them a book.
They were so gracious to allow me to come in...
several different various times...
to get a picture of each of the students.

I asked each of them what they loved about their teacher,
wrote it on a chalkboard, and snapped a quick picture.
Here is a peak at some of the pages...

We are all so proud of Landry and cannot believe how much 
he has grown and changed during his time at Brighten Academy.
We cannot thank the AMAZING staff enough for a wonderful experience 
and for loving, caring for, and helping Landry grow in so many ways.

I am pretty sure there isn't another auntie out there
that loves her nephew as much as Auntie K.K.
loves Landry!

And I know that there isn't a Nawnie and Papa
who are more proud!

We love you Landry Tigh!

Yes, Lexie was trying to eat Chad's arm. Think she's teething or what?
Afterwards we went to one of Landry's favorite places...
no, not McDonald's...
Old Spaghetti Factory!

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  1. Well, that was the most adorable graduation celebration I have ever seen!!! Kristin, I am still laughing (and I admit to crying quite a lot) during your whole Whimsy post. I don't know what I would do without you to keep us so well informed and in the loop with everything that happens with our precious Lofgren Family when we're not there to see for ourselves during times that seem so very far away. Bless you, Sweetie XOXO, and all our love to You, Chad, Landry & Lexie!!!!