Friday, May 22, 2015

Batter Up!

Wednesday night was Landry's last night of t-ball for the 2015 season.
This was his third season...and by far his best.
His first two seasons were through Clovis Rec...
this year we did it through Fresno P.A.R.C.S. and I HIGHLY
recommend them...sooooooo much better than the other program.

One of the biggest differences between the two leagues
was that this league had actual coaches and they taught the kids some skills.

Here are the mighty Marlins...ready to play ball...or in the dirt. :)

Another plus this season...Landry was on the same team 
as his dear friend, Amy!
This was also a plus for me because it meant that 
I got to visit with Erin every week. ;)

Look at that cutie!
Whenever he took the field he would always look for us
 and give us a big wave and smile,

Getting some directions from one of his coaches.

Waiting for his turn to bat...

with his buddy, Amy!

Hey batter, batter...

But thanks for looking at Mom for a cute picture before you do.

Running home!

At the end of each game, the team would line up 
and shake hands with their opponent...

and then run through the tunnel

I loved this shot of Carter, 
Amy's little brother, 
trying to be part of the tunnel.

After their last game Fresno P.A.R.C.S
had hot dogs, snacks, drinks, and medals for the kids.

While Landry enjoyed his hot dog and got his medal,
Chad kept Lexie occupied with the swings!

Just keep swinging/moving and she will keep smiling. :)

I mean seriously. How cute is he?
Love this little slugger.

My parents and sister came to every game to watch all of the fun.
One day my sister sent me this picture she found
and I died laughing.

This was so right on...
and yes...
Landry was most definitely short stop!

And for the grandparents...
here is a video of Landry in action.

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  1. What a big difference this year ;o) And, wow! He can really run those bases!!! I love this little boy so much -- I could watch his videos all day. Mommy, Daddy and Lexie are the best and cutest fans in the whole league! My "Fab Four" are awesome XOXO