Saturday, December 27, 2014

Letter to Elfie

You might remember from yesterday's post that Elfie 
went back to the North Pole with Santa and left Landry a note on his white board. 
He was so excited about the note and right away decided that he wanted to write a letter to Elfie. 

**Cue the super proud mom/teacher moment!*

So, we grabbed a piece of paper and Landry got a marker. I thought he wanted me to write it for him...nope, he wanted to write it himself.
He started to write...without any prompting from me...
he looked at the white board to figure out how to spell "Dear" and "Elfie."
Not going to lie...I was super impressed that he knew to do that...I have second graders 
who still don't remember to do that. :)

He also showed me that he knew "sticky fingers"...finger spaces in between words.
I helped him sound out the words and he wrote the letters that he thought matched the sounds.

"Dear Elfie, love you very much. I want to see you soon."

If you write a letter, then you have to put it in an envelope to mail it.

Here is his letter...all ready to send to Elfie!

I was so proud of him and it was probably the highlight of my Christmas!
The down side...he is now expecting a letter back from Elfie. So, it looks like instead of 24 days of elf antics...I have now gotten myself into a year round commitment. ;)

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