Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Cheer!

This past week has been filled with more Christmas fun!

We kicked off the week with a day of baking cookies. 
You will notice that Landry is in a stage right now where most of the time we get this cheesy smile. Ha! :)

That's better!

Landry could hardly wait to decorate the cookies.

Here he is...with his signature decor...lots of frosting and even more sprinkles. :)

On Christmas Eve we headed over to Grand Papa's house (Chad's grandfather.)
Landry had guessed that he would get more silver dollars...and he was right!

Grand Papa, Landry, and Fran
Fran was so sweet to give Landry this darling puppy puzzle!

Landry also got to open one gift from G.G. and Poppie.
The Lofgren men love to give...and receive...guns. 
Poppie is getting Landry started with the family tradition...with fun styrofoam dart guns.
Here he is learning the right stance from Daddy.

And of didn't take long for the big boys to get in on the action!
Nothing quite like a good 'ol quick draw contest to celebrate Christmas Eve. ;)

When we got home it was time to get ready for Santa!

Landry got the cookies he had decorated earlier in the week...and carrots for the reindeer of course!

Here was his note...

We woke up in the morning and...

Santa had come! 
He left Landry a new bike, Elsa doll, Frozen book, other story books, and a stocking filled with goodies.
Elfie went back to the North Pole with Santa...but he left Landry a note on his white board.

Can you tell that Landry was so excited to get the Elsa doll he had been asking for?

After a relaxing morning at home, it was time to head to Nawnie and Papa's (my parents) to continue the festivities. As you can see...there were hardly any presents. ;)

Landry...before the opening can see who made the trip with him. ;)

Landry's favorite gift of the day...cowboy boots!
He has had them on since opening them. I had to talk him into taking them off to go to bed...and he already has them back on. ;)

We had a great day...full of delicious food, family, and lots of love!

Landry with G.G. and Poppie (Chad's parents)

Landry with Nawnie and Papa

The Krusers

The Lofgrens

and our sweet little family of 3...and 3/4. :)

As I mentioned in my last post...I tried to slow it down and soak in every minute of our last Christmas as a family of three. Next year we will have another little one to share the joy with...and I can hardly wait!

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