Sunday, December 14, 2014

Landry's Christmas Performance

Yesterday was a very exciting morning in our was performance day for Landry!
Our little man could hardly wait...he had been on a count down all week...and was so excited to get on stage and show us his moves!

Here he is with his class...

and now you can cue the tears! Not from Landry...from me!
Two things happened...
1. He was in the middle of the stage and quickly got squeezed out by the boy next to we couldn't see him for most of the first song.
2. Apparently I never pushed "record", not only could we not see him...I have no video of the first song.
Here is the little snip I got at the very end. :(
Their first song was "Hot Chocolate" from the movie Polar Express:

Since I didn't get a video of it...and what I did get you can't really see him...
we recreated the moment at home. :)

The kids also recited a poem, "5 Little Gingerbread"

And the finale was "Marshmallow World"...complete with snow at the end!
Again, you can't really see him...but he is toward the center of the video, next to his buddy Luke with the blue glasses. :)

The kids did such a great job and were absolutely ADORABLE...
thanks to these two awesome teachers...
Ms. Kim and Mrs. Sheehan

Nawnie and Papa were there to watch our little performer...

and Auntie K.K. and Uncle Ron came, too.

We are so proud of our Little Man! He was so brave on stage...and wasn't afraid at all.
Just another sign that he is growing up way too fast! I can't believe that next year we will be watching him at his KINDERGARTEN performance. :(

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