Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Fun!

The holiday season is always busy, crazy, hectic, and pretty much a blur! 
I have much as keep things simple this year...and to really cherish this last holiday season with just Landry. Next year we will have a new little bundle of joy...who will bring so much I don't want to miss soaking up every last minute that I have left with just my Little Man. :)

December started with our Christmas book advent...and the arrival of Elfie.

Landry could hardly wait for us to decorate the tree together. I will is a bit challenging decorating with a baby bump. You take for granted the places you can "squeeze" through...until you have 10 pounds of baby sticking out of your stomach. :)

Landry's decorating style from last year continued on this year...all of the ornaments in one spot. ;)

The next day it was time to give Santa his list! 
He was sooooooo excited to see Santa and had been 
talking about how Santa is a really a nice guy and that 
he wouldn't cry this year.

Well...there were a few tears...and a plea to go home...
but after a bribery of pancakes...his frown turned upside down.
He really is getting too big.
And I'm not going to lie...I kind of miss the crying pictures. ;)

The next weekend brought lots more fun.
Last year we started a new tradition with our friends 
of meeting up for pizza, Starbucks, 
and then walking Candy Cane/Cindy Lane in Clovis 
to check out the beautiful Christmas lights.

It is such a fun night...and the neighborhood decorations don't disappoint!

The Edells...

Brian...wishing that Kelly was there with him...

and the Nettos.

The three of us have taken a picture in front of this house every year.
This year Landry and Chad were taking a while to get in the picture...
so I seized the opportunity. :)

You always know your child has had fun when he 
crashes out before you even get the car started!

On Sunday it was time for some gingerbread house fun!

This week Landry had a pajama Christmas party at preschool.
Chad and I were unable to attend due to work commitments...
so I am so thankful for a fellow Firefly mommy for sending me this picture and videos
of the kids singing their holiday songs in their jammies. :)

Last night we celebrated with our friends at the annual 
Netto Friends and Family Christmas Party.
Santa always makes an appearance...
and this year I am giving his "bowl full of jelly" a run for its money. :)

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE this time of year and all of the fun traditions we have with friends and family...but I will kind of be glad when it is over.
This 7 months preggo mama is tired...
and stressing about the fact that there has been very, very, little progress made in the nursery. 
So, it is one more week of fun...and then nursery time! ;)

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