Friday, January 2, 2015

Baby Bump: 30 Weeks

Here's to hoping that now that the holidays are over...I will do a better job of posting regular updates. :)

Here we are...30 weeks down...only 10 to go!
Don't you love Big Brother's belly. :)

Fruit comparison: Baby girl is the size of a cabbage...
I know, it is a veggie...but that is what Baby Center said.
Sick or fabulous: Definitely not sick...but I don't think I will ever answer with fabulous. I have absolutely nothing to complain nausea, no sciatic pain, really nothing...but I am not one of those women who claims to love being pregnant. I kind of feel guilty saying that since I have pretty easy pregnancies...but honestly, not loving it.
Weight gain: Right at 12 pounds. My doctor thought that I might be a little on the small side, but baby is measuring right on track...his words, "I hide my babies well."
Cravings: Anything and everything. I still haven't had any "weird" cravings...or any one thing in particular. Pizza ALWAYS sounds do baked goods...but anything could sound good at any random time.
Looking forward to: Being able to sleep on my stomach again!!!!! Oh how I miss being able to just lay down. I am also looking forward to being able to wear normal clothes again...hopefully my old clothes. ;) I'm really not loving the maternity clothes this time around...mainly the pants. 
Thankfully leggings are in style...but can only wear leggings for so many days.
Other updates: Since I have been on vacation for two weeks I have made MAJOR progress on the nursery! Things are starting to come together and I am loving it. There will be a blog coming soon with pictures. :)
I have been painting walls, furniture, a chandelier, and finding lots of cute accessories. 
Not going to lie...I still have to pinch myself a bit when I get to buy something pink, with a bow, and totally girly. I CANNOT wait to meet this little one...only 2 months left.
Landry's thoughts: We have always known that he has the sweetest, kindest, most gentle spirit...and it shines through when we talk about his sister. He beams when he talks about her. He loves helping me pick things out for her room, helps choose clothes from the clearance racks, and has even wanted to by her some gifts. After we painted her room...yes, he helped...he came in to the room and said, "Mommy...the room is going to be be sooooo cute...just like my sister!" Melts my heart! This is currently my favorite view:

He loves to give his sister hugs and will whisper, "Love you, Sister" to my belly.

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  1. Excuse me while I cry for a while . . . that is about the sweetest thing I have ever heard and seen! GG is really feeling the love in the Lofgren home. I love all four of you to the moon and back ;o)