Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rounding third...and HOME!

First of all...I am behind on my blogging...just a little bit...but still behind. So, I will be playing a bit of "catch-up" here in the next few've been warned. :)
As you know...if you read a previous post...Landry played in a summer t-ball league. The league was 6 weeks long and has already come to an end. You might remember that he started off really strong, out on the field by himself, playing, having fun, and then we quickly went downhill. After that game we made a "deal' that if he played the whole game and didn't cry, then we would go and get ice cream afterwards. I am proud to say that there was only one week we DIDN'T get ice cream...and boy was someone upset...but...a deal is a deal. :)
Here is how most practices/games went down. Chad would do some warm-up activities with Landry. Landry would complain about the glove hurting, being thirsty, not watching the ball, etc. Then the game would start...and Chad and Landry would head to their spot at third base.
Chad would try to give Landry a bit of a "pep talk"...
which normally resulted in something like this!

If he wasn't sitting, twirling, playing in the dirt, facing backwards, or kicking sand...well...then he was just hanging out. :)
He did do a pretty good job at batting. He ALWAYS hit off the tee. The coaches would try to get him to hit a ball that was pitched...but he knew what he wanted...the tee. :)

After he hit the ball he knew to the general direction...of first base...where he was almost always greeted with a high five from one of the other dads.

This picture cracks me up because in true t-ball fashion, most of the entertainment came from watching the kids "field"...and I use that word VERY losely. To say that we were a team of non-competitive players is an understatement. Notice all the dads. Yup, that's becuase if they weren't there...we would have only had two kids out there...Rylie and Johnny. Those two ran all over the field, tackling each other, and fielding pretty much EVERY ball. The others...well...they liked to kick dirt, put their gloves on their head, spin around, cry, pick up rocks...pretty much do anything BUT field the ball. :)

Here they are...the mighty Pirates...doing their final team cheer at the end of their last game.

Tunnel time! true Landry fashion...he FINALLY went through the tunnel...the very last game of the season. Look at his smile! He was sooooooo proud of himself...and we were pretty proud, too. :)

After the tunnel it was time for them to get their medals. The volunteer coach/dad was so sweet! He called each child one at a time and gave them their medal.

He told the team that Landry was the team's "secret weapon!" Loved it!!!

Daddy and his t-ball player!

So proud of my little man!

We love you, Landry Tigh!

Big thanks to Auntie KK and Uncle Ron for coming out to watch pretty much every game!

And of course lots of love to Nawnie and Papa who cheered on our little man each week!

Here is his "official' team photo. Can you tell that someone was NOT happy about taking a picture WITHOUT his sunglasses?

And here they are...the mighty Pirates of CUSD Summer T-Ball! There is so much about this picture that just cracks me up. Landry was quite "taken" with the little girl that is the third from the left. Her name was Victoria and he loved her. They were soooo stinkin' cute together. In this picture he was so mad that he didn't get to sit next to her for the picture. If this is any hint at what the future holds...oh my...we have a little Casanova on our hands. :)
We can't say enough how proud we are of Landry! He grew so much and showed us a side of him that we haven't seen before. He went out each week...with very few tears...and did what we asked of him. Chad and I had anticipated 6 weeks worth of tears but he proved us wrong. When we were talking about his last week he said, "T-baw is aw we can jus tay at home aw night!" Gotta love it!
Here is a series of videos I took during his last game. They are not very exciting...just a peek at his "athletic" ability. :) Really...they are something that only a parent or grandparent finds interesting...just a warning. :)
Here he is batting and running to first...
Landry on first...running to second...
On second...heading to third...
Third to home!
This last video is Landry hitting and running all of the bases. They had a "rule" that when the last batter hit, everyone ran all the way to home. It was hilarious because the would all get to home and just stop...standing on the plate. Love it! :) Landry was the last batter so he got to run all the way.

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  1. Kristin, no warning needed for this grandma. I could sit and watch these videos over and over and over and not grow tired of them. Landry is by far the cutest T-Ball batter and base runner I have EVER seen (no bias here whatsoever!) He has definitely turned into a little boy -- but he will always be our "Baby." Love, GG & Poppie XOXOXO Thanks for capturing all of his special moments -- they mean the world to us!!!!