Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kaitlin and Ron's Big Day!

So, I have been waiting to blog about this day...mainly because I know that my pictures will have nothing on the amazing work that Pamela with Pamela Leeds Photography will you know...I am not the most patient and I couldn't wait any longer. That means that you will have to "deal" with two blog of my photos...and an update later featuring the beautiful work of Pamela Leeds. :)
We started the day with the "swag boxes" I made for all of us girls, mimosas, and hair and make-up!

Sarah and me

Brittnee, me, and Sarah

Once we were all ready it was picture time! When we walked down we saw that everything was set, perfect, and ready to go!
***These next two pictures are from the florist's blog Brown Bunny Flowers***
The entrance to the ceremony area...I forgot to mention that the wedding was at the beautiful Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite. :)
The guests were greeted with this sign, the guest book, and programs

***The next three photos are also from the florist's website Brown Bunny Flowers
The adorable flower girl...and cutest ring bearer ever! :)
The ring bearer refused to take a nap that day...of course...and had a long afternoon of, after a long afternoon in the sun, taking pictures...he was getting pretty sleepy. But we couldn't let him fall asleep during the had to take silly pictures! :)

The ceremony was beautiful...and the ring bearer slept through the whole thing...snoring and all! :)
After his power nap he was ready for some sparkling cider...

and I had a chance to get a picture with my beautiful sister!!!!

Being silly waiting for the reception to start

Kaitlin made her own seating chart...
***The next two photos are from the florist's website Brown Bunny Flowers ***

The beautiful centerpieces

Next...toast is my toast to my sister and Ron!
Yes, I am still upset that I messed up the first time!
Here is the beautiful...and delicious cake...created by Creme de la Cake

First dance as man and wife

Father-daughter dance

Our adorable family...if I do say so myself! :)

Landry dancing with Auntie KK...and Monkey!

Landry and Nawnie

Landry was a dancing machine! Literally...he would NOT stop dancing! He danced the ENTIRE night...calling girls out to the dance floor...thank you Brittnee for being such a trooper. By the end of the night he was EXHAUSTED...we all were!
It was a beautiful day and just the beginning of so many more memories to come!
Congratulations, Kaitlin and Ron...Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers!

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  1. I had SO much fun with you guys! Landry is the sweetest little man ever - I will dance with him any day!!!