Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Movie Date!

If you don't know this already, Regal Theaters do $1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00. Each week they have 2 movies...older ones...that they show. How can you go wrong with a $1 movie? So, I asked Erin if she was up for taking our little ones to their first movie. We kinda thought this was the best way to test out their "theater behavior"...I mean...if they weren't into it...it was only $1 that we were out...as opposed to $1,000 for a regular movie. :)
This week one of the movies was...
We thought this would be a fun one for them to see...plus we hadn't seen it...so double win. :) I fully expected us to step one foot in the theater and Landry would be backing out saying, "No, no, I don't want to!" He was a little hesitant but got over it quickly!

Once we found our perfect spot...these two got all settled in with their treats and all!
Aren't they the cutest? Yes this picture will be featured in some way on their wedding day. :)

Erin and Amy
Landry and me

They did a great job of sitting, watching, giggling, laughing, eating popcorn, and more! Of course Landry had a billion questions from "Why is the carpet red? What is that window for? Why is that girl over there?" to questions about the movie itself...and "Why do you keep saying, 'Shush' Mommy?" We were doing so well...when all of a sudden...this happened...
The movie broke! Ha!!! It was good time for a snack break...

and a chance to stretch their legs.

Within about 15 minutes or so they had the movie back up and going. Landry and Amy got all cozy again...and we actually made it to the end of the movie!!!!

2 three year olds + $1 movie + unexpected break in the middle + popcorn...everywhere + fruit snacks + 3 potty breaks + no one got "eaten" by a seat + making it through the entire movie with no tears = SUCCESS!
Of course SUCCESS = these two happy mamas!
We are already planning our next trip...which we are totally going to splurge and go to the $3 movies! :)

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