Friday, July 19, 2013

Amy's Big Day!

Yesterday we got to celebrate our sweet friend, Amy's, 3rd birthday!
Amy's friend Erin...planned a perfect morning at the splash pad park. Amy requested a "rainbow" party...and a rainbow is what she got! There were yummy donut holes with rainbow sprinkles, rainbow goldfish crackers, rainbow fruit cabobs...and rainbow cake pops!!!!
We started with playing on the playground. Landry was very hesitant...but luckily his good friend Amy showed him how to do it. :)

The birthday girl and her wonderful mama!

Finally ready to go long as I stood in an exact spot at the end of the slide. :)

The other kids decided it was time to play in the water...
Landry...not so much! :)

He did get totally "crazy" and put his hand in the water.
Oh my super cautious, non-risk-taking child. :)
Even Amy couldn't get him to get in the water.

What about this one...nope...not going to happen!

So, he was the only child that was COMPLETELY dry...yup...not a bit of water...besides putting his hand in the water.
One thing he did want to join in on was the fun with the balloons! The kids loved running around, playing with the balloons, and watching the trains go by. It is so funny how as mommies we always try to plan these extravagant things...and all they want is some grass, balloons, and train every once in awhile. :)

I do have to add that the other kids ran around with their balloons, punched them, karate chopped them, got tangeled in them, threw them...and my child...walked extremely slow with them. Stopping to look up and make sure they weren't tangled.

"Look...a has lots of coaches on it!"
Of course it isn't a party without some blowers...yes, that's a technical term!

And of course...cake and candles!

Two cake pops for the birthday girl!!!!

Landry...double fisted...cake pop in one hand...blower in the other. velvet!!!!

Here are all of the kiddos...absolutely darling!!!!!!!
And again...with party hats...except for one! :)

Amy...we had so much fun celebrating you and your big day!

We can't believe that you are already 3 years old...and we feel so lucky to have you, and your mom and dad, in our lives!!!

You know what's coming...yup...a look at the past!
Here are Amy and Landry at his 1st birthday...
at Landry's 2nd birthday...

and big 3 year olds!!!!
I don't know what happened to our babies...but I think it is time to admit that they are "kids" now...not even toddlers. Two little ones with such different personalities but kindred spirits none the less. Oh how I wish time would slow down...but I have loved watching these two grow together and cannot wait to see what the future holds...marriage?
Of course we wouldn't have Amy in our lives if it weren't for this special lady!
Words cannot express how grateful I am for the friendship we share. I love that we can go weeks, or even months, without getting together and can pick up right where we left off!!!
I also have to thank Erin for taking darling pictures...many of these I stold from her Facebook. :)

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