Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last week we had a big day in our house...Landry started preschool!!!!!
I have to say that I had a lot of mixed emotions about this day. I was so excited for him to go somewhere new and to make new friends...plus it would give me my own "me" time. I was nervous about not knowing how he was going to respond and knowing that he is so uncomfortable in new situations. I was excited for him to be in an environment where he could really thrive and benefit from being around a larger groups of kids. I was hopeful that he would love it. And of course...I was sad! So sad that my little man has reached another milestone. I find it funny that when your child is a baby you can't wait for them to hit all of the milestones...then all of a sudden things change. I think it is right after talking...which there are definitely times I wish we could go back on that one :)...you realize that you want to wait as long as possible before they hit the next milestone. Because those milestones mean one thing...your little one is growing up...way too fast!
Chad and I debated back and forth for a LONG time about whether or not to send Landry to preschool this year, or to wait, or to not do it at all. We love, love, love, love, our daycare provider...and honestly...the idea of not seeing her every morning breaks my heart. She is so wonderful with Landry, and all of the other children, and has trully become a part of our family. I'm hoping she'll still be interested in watching Landry whe he is in high school. :)
Finally we decided to try and find a place where he could go two days a week. Then the hard part came of trying to find one that we liked, fit our schedule needs, was close by, and that we had heard good things about. Never did I think that choosing a preschool would be so hard!
One day I decided to just "pop in" to one that is pretty close to us and see what it was all about. I immediately fell in love! They were so warm and welcoming, gave me a tour, showed me ALL of the classrooms...not just the one Landry would be in...and I immediately felt at home. Plus I was super impressed with how well-behaved the children were at 4:30 in the afternoon...and ALL of the things they were learning.
So...we decided on...Brighten Academy!

The week leading up to his first day we talked about it a lot. I would show it to him everytime we would drive by. I got him a monkey backpack...which he LOVES...and he was so excited the first morning.
One of the cool things about his preschool is that they have a webcam you can watch him on. So of course...after dropping him off...he was tear free...me...not so much...I spent the next 45 minutes...no joke...watching him on the webcam. Uggh. I am a bit embarrassed to admit it. Here I was sooooooo excited for some "me" time...and what was I doing...watching Landry on my phone app. :)
It was all I could do to leave him there all day. I was sooooooo excited to get him and hear all about his day. When I picked him up, his teacher, Miss Annette, told me that he had an awesome day. Woohoo!!! She gave me a little "report" of how his day went...which they give us everyday...and I LOVE it. Here is his report for his first day:

As you can see they learned all about pets. Apparently Landry decided to tell Miss Annette that he has a pet alligator in his room. Yup. Lovely. They read the story "Fergus" and made their own puppy ears. So, every once in awhile Fergus is at our house! :)

I asked him what his favorite part of preschool was and he said..."Eating watermelon!"
Landry already loves Miss Annette...and I can tell that everyone at Brighten Academy already loves Landry...or Mr. Hollywood... as the owner calls him. :) We are so grateful to have found another wonderful place to take Landry.

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