Sunday, September 16, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!

Since I was a little kid one of my favorite memories was waking up early and watching the hot air balloons of Clovis Fest. When I was in junior high...and maybe even high school...the balloons would fly over my parent's house and land in the fields...right across the street. All of these years have gone by and we have never gone to see the launching of the balloons. My friend, Kim, invited Landry and I last year and we passed. You have to wake up REALLY be there at 6:15 in the morning! This year I decided to take the risk and try it out.
I say risk because Landry is always a bit skeptical about things...remember the carousel incident, the pumpkin feelings, and the disdain for Pump It Up? Normally the balloons fly over our house on Saturday morning. So, being the mom that I am...I have learned from experience...I planned on us being able to watch the balloons fly over our house on Saturday, I could tell Landry about the balloons, get him excited, comfortable with the sound and fire, then go down Sunday morning and watch the launch. Well, as with most things involving motherhood...the plan did not go like that! :o) Saturday morning balloons. Not. a. single. balloon! Great. 6:15 Sunday morning ought to be awesome. Can you hear the sarcasm?
First stop...Starbucks!
Second stop...Clovis Rodeo Grounds.
Third stop...
After waiting in line...
yes...waiting in line at 6:00 in the morning...
we turned around and had this view
Don't forget about my breakfast date!

Breakfast of champions...right?

Shortly after we got there Kim and her family showed us where to go. They start with the balloons all laid out on giant tarps.
Then they start to blow them up with these giant fans.

While they are blowing them up they allow you to help push the balloon up into the standing position. They will even let kids sit inside the balloon...not the basket...the actual it is being blown up. Landry of course wanted NOTHING to do with that! :o)
Here he is watching everything...notice...NO TEARS...lots of concentration...but no tears!
He just barely let me get a picture with him in front of the balloon before it was standing!

Here are the other balloons being inflated. Notice how close everyone is to the is so can literally TOUCH the balloons!

Now it's time for the fire!
"Wook, Mama...big fire!"
"Yup. That big fire is what makes the balloon fly."
"Bawoon da sky?"

There were three prople dressed in very authentic time period clothing. I thought that this guy and his adorable dog were too cute! Love the dog's aviator goggles!!! The poor dog was shaking the entire time. ;o)

Landry in awe of all of the balloons. Still no tears!!!!!

I was about 10 feet away from this balloon as it was getting ready to launch!

Landry's viewpoint!

"Mama...bawoons fy. Bawoons fy in da sky yike a airpane!"
Yes, sweet thing...the balloons do fly in the sky like an airplane!

It was all around a great time! You will notice that Chad didn't join us. It was too early for him...and I think he was worried that Landry would freak out. Which, I thought he would too...but he didn't! So, we shall see if Chad joins us next year because we WILL be coming back. Landry has been asking all morning to go and see the "bawoons" again! :o)

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