Friday, September 14, 2012

Proud Parents!!!

Ok, so I am warning most of you now...this is a post that is really meant for the grandparents and extended family. If you are not a fan of watching other people's children do some pretty basic've been warned! :o) I tried e-mailing these videos to some people and apparently they took up too much this was my only other option. :o)

We are so proud of Landry's newest talent...the first time we I heard him sing this, it was in his crib, over the baby monitor. Literally brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't have been a prouder mommy!

This next video is a skill we have been working on for a while! He was able to count to 5 about 6 months ago and then seemed to forget it. Then within the last week he has nailed down 1-10...we are still working on 11-20. :o)
Sorry that the videos are sideways. I took them on my phone and couldn't figure out how to get them turned around. :o( Also, you will notice that he is very easger to finish his filming so that he can watch himself. He doesn't show any kind of interest in any other videos, cartoons, movies, etc. But boy does he love to watch videos of himself!
It really is so funny how I spend my entire day teaching other people's children new ideas, concepts, and skills. My favorite part of teaching...besides the seeing when a child truly grasps a new concept. There is no better feeling...except to watch your own child learn something new. I am very passionate about teaching and love my students...but man, there is an entirely different feeling of pride when it is your own little one singing the ABCs and counting to 10.
Landry Tigh...we love you to pieces and are so proud of the amazing little boy you are!
Mommy and Daddy are soooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!

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  1. Yipppeeeee!!!! I remember when children learned their ABCs when they got to Kindergarten . . . and our little grandson is only 2 -- I absolutely think he is a genius!! Oh, and so are his Mommy & Daddy for spending such quality time with him and teaching him not only his ABCs, but good manners as well. GG and Poppie are really, really proud. Oh, and did we mention we love you?!