Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Recap!

As I mentioned in my last post...summer is over. :o( Yup, another school year has started and the craziness has already begun. We have been in school for two weeks...10 days...and already I have spent 17 hours at cheer events, had Back to School Night, hosted one rally, went to 2 staff meetings, welcomed 28 new munchkins into my room...yup, 28...graded beginning of the year assessments, lesson planned, welcomed the most fabulous student teacher ever into my room, had picture day, ate popsicles, had one parent conference, finished my first week..of after-school parking lot-crosswalk duties, and yes...I did manage to spend some time with my family in there...somewhere! Don't worry...this week is much slower...I only have 2 hours of cheer practice, another rally, Scoops and Jazz on Thursday night...awesome PTC event... another all-day cheer event on Saturday, oh...and 29 second graders to teach! Yup, I'm gaining one more for half of the day. But don't is a 4 day week...good thing teachers only work 8-3! :o)

All kidding...and exhaustion aside...I do love my job!
Without my job I wouldn't have been able to spend my summer doing all of this:

Celebrating Erin's 30th

Sheri's 40th...Vegas style!

4 years of marriage...
Mornings filled with blowing bubbles in the backyard

4th of July...and 10 years with Chad in my life!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

More time in the backyard with "Mr. Clean!"

Visiting G.G. and Poppie in Redding...

Meeting Aunt Val and Uncle Mike

Enjoying a Starbucks...or two..or three...

and capping off the summer celebrating Keith's 40th in Bass Lake!
Summer...I am sad to see you go...but the Type A in me is really ready to be back in a routine!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you forgot something else very important in your summer recap.