Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teacher Tuesday

So, I went back to "work" yesterday...summer school. Yup, I signed up to teach summer school...8 whole days...ha! :o) Since I was kind of caught up in the fact that I was "back in a routine" I completely forgot about my mommy moment. As luck would have it...I had a great moment in the classroom today and thought that I should share it with you all...hope you enjoy!

Just a little background...my students are children that are going into 3rd grade. They are enrolled in summer school so that they can hopefully better their skills in reading, writing, and math. Here goes nothing:

A student was up out of his seat for the 456,789 time this morning.

Me: "Sit down...S-I-T...sit"

Student: "How rude! I'm not dumb you know!"

Me: "I never said that you were dumb. I simply asked you to sit down...again."

Student: "Well, that's what you spelled to me...dumb."

Me: "No, actually I spelled sit...not dumb."

Hmmm...what are your thoughts? Irony? If the shoe fits?

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  1. My overwhelming feeling on this is that he is old enough to know not to talk to an adult like that!! :O That, and thank goodness it is only an eight day class!