Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

You probably already know but...4th of July is one of my favorite holidays...right behind Christmas! I love the food, weather, fireworks, decor, festivities...and of course, the fact that it is the day I met my man. :o)

Every year we celebrate with our friends at the Netto House. We enjoy a day of fun, games, swimming, bbqing, and of course...FIREWORKS! Each year I am in charge of a dessert. Now, you know that I am not the best cook in the world. I try. Really hard. But I have given in to the fact that cooking just isn't my thing. Baking however...I love it! I think it is because I get to be artistic and creative...which is always a plus for me. Moving on...here was my dessert for this year:
 I am also very proud to say that my dessert always has red, white, and blue...and I have never repeated one...yup, pat on the back for me! :o)

Here is Handsome...enjoying the pool!
That is Chad's foot...not mine. :o)

 Getting ready to watch the fireworks...you can see that my child has inheritated the Lofgren sense of enthusiasm...not the Kruser side. :o)
 I was a little nervous about how Landry would do with the fireworks this year. Last year he slept through the entire thing but I was certain that wasn't going to happen this year. Add to it that he HATES loud noises...I was thinking that one of us was going to be inside with a screaming baby. But...have you met my child...he is amazing...really...amazing. He watched every single firework! Sure there were a few times he got a bit nervous and cuddled in real close...but not a single tear or cry. AMAZING! Have I mentioned that Handsome is amazing?

Studying the action..
 Fireworks are serious business...
 "Mom...what are they doing?"
 No, I was not texting...that is actually my camera...I was trying to get profile shots of Landry but he wasn't really having much of it...thank you Kelley, for the shots from your phone! :o)
 As you can see...he wasn't totally loving it...but very interested by everything.
"Aren't we done yet?"

 "I see you trying to take my picture...don't think you're getting away with something!"
 Family shot
 The fireworks

 What appears to be a new annual tradition!
 Kelley having fun...
 she REALLY loves America!
 and of course...our annual girls picture with our sparklers!
Thank you Nettos, for another great year...can't wait for next year...and yes, I already have an idea for next year's dessert! :o)

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