Sunday, July 3, 2011

King of the Castle

Duh...I mean, do I really need to go any further? Of course he is king of the castle...but now he has his own throne!

For his birthday I (we...really I ordered it and just told Chad what we got) ordered him the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair. Now, I had been eyeing this chair since I was pregnant. I loved the simple lines, the fact that you could get it embriodered, really everything about it...except the price. In my opinion it is a bit pricey. So, I did what I always do whenever I become obsessed with an item that I think is a bit overpriced...I tried to figure out how I could make it myself. I searched online and found many tutorials on how to create it...but I wasn't certain that I could make it without it looking like a child's art project gone bad. I even searched Craig's list...thinking...if I could get the inside pieces, then I could order the new cover with his name. No such luck.

So, his birthday rolled around...and I caved. I did it...I made the find that it was backordered...until JULY!!!!! Yup...his birthday was in May...yup...didn't get his gift until JULY...once again, I have lost my "Mother of the Year" Award! :o)

Moving on...I cannot tell you how happy I am that I decided to splurge on this purchase! I was worried that he wouldn't like it at that we would have the expense children's chair just sitting around...collecting lint. I couldn't be more wrong...HE LOVES IT!!!!

 He is so funny...he crawls up in it, kicks back, puts his feet up and even does a little sigh of relaxation.
 It is his go to spot to watch his favorite t.v. show...Jeopardy...yes...he LOVES Jeopardy...stops what he is doing, climbs in his chair, and dances to the music.
 One of the sweetest things is when he climbs up with Lion and cuddles with!
Of course he climbed out of the chair when I tried t get a picture...notice the bowl of "popcorn" next to his chair...always have to have the Cheerios nearby!

All in all...the chair was worth every penny...I would have spent double! :o)

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