Monday, December 6, 2010

7 month update

So, my update this month is going to be pretty short and sweet. You wanna know why...well, I happen to have a 7 month old who loves to sit on my lap and type with me. Yup. It's official. He is a techie! So, excuse me if there are some errors. I challenge you to try and type anything with a tech-loving 7 month old on your lap!

Here is this month's pic with lion: And now...drumroll please...yes, he struck this pose all on his own...the 7 month old GQ poseAnd now...just a little holiday cheer for you:

Oh, ya...have I mentioned how much I love this absolutely amazing, fabulous, loving, giggle-filled, army-crawling, food-loving, sweet, little boy? Mmhmm...a million bizillion times. That's how much.

1 comment:

  1. OMG -- he is taller than his lion!! Bless this blog and its blogger for keeping us "pictured." My day is always fabulous when I see this little face!!!!! Love to my favorite threesome :o)