Friday, December 24, 2010

Lights, camera, Santa!

Last night our group of friends all got together so that we could walk the "Clovis Christmas Tree Lane"...also known as the Wawona neighborhood and Cany Cane Lane...even though there used to be a different neighborhood in Clovis that was Candy Cane, I'm not sure what this one is actually called...if there is even an "official" name for it. Anyway, enough about that. We lucked out and the weather was great! It wasn't rainy and it wasn't freezing cold either. Here we are all ready to go: In front of some lights...

My two boys...
I couldn't pass this up...just because our last name starts with an L, so I thought it was kind of funny...I said kinda...not extremely! :o)

And of course you can't have your first Christmas without a picture with Santa. In typical baby/small child is the story of our Santa picture. Landry is once again wondering why in the world I am acting like a crazy person to try and get him to smile. You see who won this one...Mr. Serious
Then he decides to take a look and see who is holding him...Mr. Serious turns into Mr. I'm Not So Sure About This...

And finally, the shot that every family has to have...the one where the child has that scared look on their face and you know the screaming is about to begin...Mr. Get Me Out of Here!
All in all, it was a great night of friends, fun, lights, and some good 'ol "holiday cheer!"

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