Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bump It...chapter 1

As most of you know, Chad and I are expecting our first baby this May. Those of you that are parents already...especially you moms, know what an adventure preganancy is and how the moment you see the positive result on the pregnancy test, your world goes into a whirlwind. Are you going to be a good parent? Is the baby going to be healthy? What about that drink I had last week...have I given my baby brain damage already? Is it a boy or a girl? Are we REALLY ready for this? Is he REALLY going to be excited when I tell him he is going to be a dad? How is this child going to get out of me? Oh my goodness...there is something living inside of me, that I am going to be responsible for FOREVER!!!!!! Those are just a few of the thoughts that raced through my mind the moment I found out I was pregnant...and let me tell you, the worries, thoughts, questions, concerns, excitement and anticipation hasn't stopped.

I haven't been really good about giving updates about the here goes...I'm giving it the ol' "college try!" So, here is a quick update on where we are now...

I am 21 weeks along and so far life has been pretty easy. I was SOOOOOOO fortunate and missed the entire "morning sickness" period. My one and only problem has been my "lovely" sciatic nerve. I have definitely developed a "love/hate" relationship with it. I am absolutely in love with it when I wake up in the morning and forget that I have a sciatic nerve at all. I absolutely despise it when I wake up and am unable to get out of bed because it is causing so much pain I find myself contemplating cutting off my own leg because I am sure that would be less painful.
About two weeks ago my bump started to show. Just last week I asked Chad if he would be willing to take a picture of me so that we could have a series of photos to document how "large and in charge" I get. I figured he was going to make so much fun of me for wanting a picture of my belly but once again, he surprised me...I gave him the camera and he shot away. He was so cute...he must have taken about 5 different shots of it, close up, side view, full body, partial body, etc. It was so neat to see the excitement in his eyes and to hear him say, "We have to get a good shot of this...our baby is in that belly!" My heart is melting!

So here is it's pictoral bump!

Yes, that is me...20 weeks along!

Now, even more exciting is that we had our second ultrasound appointment one week ago. You know, this "big" one...the one that would hopefully tell us if we were having a little boy or a little girl. We were both so excited for the day to come...and I was so excited that I woke up at like 2:00 on the morning because it was like Christmas morning for me. So, later that afternoon Chad and I made our way to Advanced Medical Imaging. It was once again, the most amazing experience ever!

We were so blessed to have the nicest tech EVER! She walked us through the entire process and pointed out all of out little one's precious anatomy. I will never forget the emotion I felt, lying there, looking at the monitor and watching my beautiful baby BOY move around in my belly. Chad was so excited that he was texting friends while we were seeing his cute little foot print, his thumbs up he gave us...almost as if to say, "Don't worry mom and dad...I'm loving it in here!" So, Landry Tigh Lofgren will be joining our family sometime around May 11, 2010!

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