Monday, December 7, 2009

My Work in the Real World!

As a teacher I am blessed each year with getting to know some absolutely wonderful families. Many times these families become a part of my "adopted" family...I think of their children as my own and the moms and I become great friends. This post is honoring one of those families! I had the pleasure of having their son in my class two years ago and Kim (mom) and I are still good friends. Kim has been so supportive of my side venture and always gives me a "shout-out" when she posts her pictures on Facebook. So, like any proud are some pics of my the real world! Thank you Kim and family for all of your support and love!!!!! This is Kim's niece...
Kim and her family on vacation in Florida...the girls are wearing their "Mocha Splash" pillowcase dresses.

How sweet is this...nothing beats a ride on Daddy's shoulders!
***Sorry the pics are so small...I "stole" them from Kim's Facebook page! :o)


  1. What grade do you teach and where? Have I already asked you that before? Eh...I have four kids...Mommy brain...all that...

    Cute pictures! When are you going to get to come hang out with me? Do you and your husband go to church? Email me! We'll chat!

  2. Kristin,
    I just read this and it absolutely made my day!!!!
    We feel the same way about you... we love you dearly and are so excited about your precious little one on the way!
    Love, Kim & Family