Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation Nursery: The Bedding

Most women who are pregnant go to the local baby store, choose a bedding ensemble, put it on their crib and...whoila...the bedding is done. Well, being that I couldn't have possbly been that easy, my adventure in baby bedding has been quite a ride...but so worth it in the end. When Chad and I found out that we were pregnant...well actually let me be honest...BEFORE we had even talked about having a baby...I knew, that if we had a boy, I wanted the nursery to be done in fun, bright colors...periwinkle, lime green, orange and navy blue. Now, I know that at first thought you are probably making that scrunched up, just bit into a lemon face. Yup, I know...kind of crazy. Did you really think I was going to do pastels? C'mon...this is the woman who's kitchen and guest bath are painted "Posh Red"...pastels are not exactly my thing.

So, I once again hit the internet running...shocking, I know...in search of bedding and/or fabric that matched the colors and picture I had painted in my mind. I was so excited when I had found this really fun set of coordinating fabrics. All I had to do was wait and see if we were having a boy or a girl so that the ordering could begin. And of course, being the extremely patient person that I am...the night we got home from our ultrasound I went right online and ordered samples...just to be safe. Well, thank goodness I did. Because after days of stalking my front porch and mail box...and after doing my excited, happy dance when the fabric arrived...I opened the box and oh my lord...the fabric was HIDIOUS!!!!!! In Chad's words, "Wow, that is very 70's looking!" Let's just say that the whole 70's thing was so NOT what I was going for.

And so, the adventure continued...needless to say I was a bit deflated and totally bummed that I had this great picture in my head of what I wanted and no fabric or bedding. I tried to talk myself into some other bedding sets but just couldn't do it. So, I headed off to JoAnn's in hope that something would inspire me. Well, after 2 hours in JoAnn's looking at fabric...yes, 2 hours...before I even waited to get my fabric cut...I struck gold! I had remembered that some of the bedding ensembles I loved on-line were made up of kind of random fabrics, colors and patterns all put together...and yet, when they were together they were amazing. So, that's what I did...I found a fabric that had each of the four colors I was looking for and headed to the cut table.
Fast forward...so, after much deliberation, excitement, disappointment, creative-soul- searching, and sewing...here is the result!

This is Landry's bumper...made by his dear, sweet, ol' mama:
The full view of the bumper...

And here it is with "the wall"...by the way...no one makes navy blue crib skirts...so, I took a really inexpensive drapery panel from Target ($7) folded it in half, and safety pinned it to the springs underneath the mattress...yup, that's right...$7, no-sewing, bed skirt...DONE!
Well...what do you think? Not too bad, huh! Next up...upholstering the glider...this is sure to be exciting...and window treatments...stay posted!

**As you can see it is a hit with our sweet kitty Amp, too. This is her new favorite room!**
If you look closely you can see the silver safety pin holding the "crib skirt" on! :o)