Saturday, February 14, 2015

Four Days...

Pretty close to 13 years ago, I walked onto the Riverview campus as an eager student teacher. Little did I know that day, that I would be spending most of the next 13 years of my life on this campus. I finished up my initial student teaching, loved the staff, pulled some strings, was able to do my final student teaching there, and my first teaching job. First grade. Room 1. Riverview Rams...charging to success!

Jen, Laura, and I on Twins Day!

During my 11 years as a teacher I have directed drama productions, served on School Site Council, co-headed Student Council, taught reading lab, coached numerous cheer squads to first place finishes, created yearbooks, organized countless rallies, volunteer luncheons, talent shows, a literacy week, and so much more!

1st place trophy for Clovis North Stampede Cheer Competition

Celebrating our 1st place finish AND Grand Champions!

Me and Chelsey...she was the flower girl in our wedding!

Along with my teaching responsibilities, I have dressed up in 50's attire, worn my jammies to school, transformed into a nerd, become a superhero, a cowboy, an 80's "material girl," and performed in more than my fair share of embarrassing teacher skits...oh...and I even worked at McDonald's!
Too Smart for Drugs - Red Ribbon Week

Superhero scooter race

High School Musical inspired "Together" performance for the carnival

Working the drive-thru during McTeacher's Night

Things haven't always been perfect. I have been yelled at by more parents than I can count. Called a Nazi, told I had no experience because I wasn't married, lectured about my unrealistic expectations, and so much more. But along with the bad times, I have received some of the sweetest notes, cards, letters, been truly spoiled on Teacher Appreciation Day, and formed bonds with some incredible students and families!

Not only have I had the opportunity to meet some incredible families...I have worked with some of the best teachers there are. We have laughed together, cried together, analyzed data, PLCed, motivated students, given PR points, celebrated students' accomplishments, earned 3 California Distinguished School awards,  boosted each other up when we were having a rough day/week/month/ year...and become a family. 

Stan, MC, and me on our 2nd grade zoo field trip

Me, MC, Stan, and Karyn on Mustache Day

Some "motivation" given to me on a rough morning. :)

Not only have I grown as an educator...I have gotten engaged, married, and had soon to be two children during my years at Riverview.

My first grader class when I had Landry.

Riverview has been my home for the past 13 years. Up until a week ago I was on my maternity leave count-down. I am down to 4 days. of a week ago...the count down has a whole new meaning to it. I am now down to my last 4 days at Riverview! read that right. This next week will be my last week as a Riverview Ram! I have been given a wonderful opportunity and next school year I will be an Oraze Bearcat! There are so many thoughts and emotions that I am feeling right now. I have been kind of ready for a change for the past year or so...and I am so excited to start a new chapter in my career...and so excited to be a part of the Oraze community. However...I am so sad to be leaving the school that has been my home and such a huge part of my life. I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that when I leave my room on Friday...I will only be returning to pack up my things.

For those of you that are reading this...and learning about my move this way...I am so sorry that I haven't had a chance to tell you in person. Honestly, this change all came about so incredibly fast, I haven't had a chance to see everyone and talk to everyone I would like to.

So, as I try and enjoy my three day weekend...I cannot help but think about the fact that I am going to soak up every minute of the next four days. This really is a bittersweet time for me...not to mention that I am trying to get ready for a baby in a few weeks. :)

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